Total Abuse

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THis is my first horizontal flyer, I dont think I like it. I’m not sur6e.

Start Suckin’ I think is members of Pig Stcker:

SL Makita I think is singer from Apartment 213


Anarchy and Martial Law

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I just made this thing to do it. No bands or anything.

Bone Awl!

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Bone Awl is a amazing Black Metal band that ripps! they use alot of hardcore styles and are just brutal! i can’t wait to see them play!

Volahn and Ashdaulas have no myspaces but they’r on Klaxon, the label of Bone Awl

ASG, Megachurch, Forged in Flames

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I had some more time so I made this one too. ASG is like good metal from the 80s or sometime. Good riffs, kinda okay singing. I haven’t not seen Megachurch yet but there videos on Youtube and Myspaces are good.

Beautiful Mothers, Red Dawn II, Self Destruct Button

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Fag Cop, Puffy Areolas, Homostupids

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Double Dagger SunGod at NTC

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doubledaggerThis is the flier I made for Double Dagger, SunGod and Clan Of The Cave Bear! I love Double Dagger, they are my favorite American Punk Band, from Balto!